Art as an integration element

In 2010, the PPO Foundation, in cooperation with Hortofruticola Las Norias and the local authorities, opened a small language school aiming to help the integration of foreign workers by teaching them Spanish. At the same time, the new created facilities gave us the opportunity to offer also IT lessons for aged people as well as English lessons for the younger generations.

This year we decided to extend the offer by organizing art courses seeking the same aim. We built up the necessary structures to offer to interested immigrants, as well as to the local population, the possibility to develop their artistic abilities. The first results obtained, as well as the great number of inscriptions received until now, indicate that also this project will be a great success.

This kind of project proves, once more, that thanks to, a good collaboration between PPO Foundation, a local producer/exporter as Hort. Las Norias and the local authority (in this case the municipality), good results can be achieved, even with limited resources, in order to develop positively the life conditions of the immigrants and the local population.