New School Uniforms for 108 Learners

In August 2016, the Mahela group and PPO foundation donated together 180 new school uniforms for learners at the Junction Primary School in Letsitele.

Pieter Vorster, Director of the Mahela Farming group said at the local newspaper Letaba Herald: ”This is our school on our property and the major reason to donate the school uniform was to help encourage education as some learners get discouraged when they think of coming to school because they do not have school uniforms. If you have a happy learner you will cultivate great results, our aim is to help the school become one of the best schools.”

Children and their parents were so grateful and happy because of this gesture. Through these reactions, we know our donations at the right place.

A poem of thanks by one of the students:

"You are the brightest shining star of Mafarana Circuit.
Yesterday you were walking bare footed, but today will get brand news shoes. They say you are number last but tomorrow you will be number one.
You welcome all of us honoured guests. You prepare a table in front of our enemies. When mam Khmbos says I am old, you say she will ran a marathon at Rio and bring back to South Africa a gold medal. You have breeded Managers. Oh today you are pregnant with doctors and engineers.
Rise and Shine they say you are a farm school, but we know you are a school of excellence. You are on the shoulder of a giant Mr Nonsense Mahahela Vorsetter.
Rise and Shine. You are the Junction of Excellence.
Yes Rise and Shine"