Sport is healthy!

That is the motto of farmer Robert Graff, who himself plays a lot of sport, and also gives his staff and partners every possibility to do so.

Lushof Farm is located in South Africa, north-east of Cape Town, in the Ceres valley near the village of Prince Alfred Hamlet.

The valley is also called the ‘Valais’ of South Africa: known for its outstanding fruit production, such as pears, apples, plums, nectarines, etc.

The area surrounding Lushof Farm has schools, crèches and other useful facilities, but no sports ground.

As Lushof Peragri is a partner of and producer for the Swiss market, the PPO Foundation offered to set up a netball court for its staff. The over 200 permanent employees were organised in the ‘Farmworkers’ Forum’, and monitored the entire progress of the work. Without the financial support of the PPO Foundation, this project would not have been possible.

André Burkart and Lothar Schär, representing PPO Services AG, were also present at the inauguration in March 2009. The project is meanwhile being actively used, administrated and maintained, as PPO was able to affirm at its next visit in October 2009.