The New Generation is Growing

Since the beginning of 2016, a lot of time and energy have been invested in the organization of workshops for children during the summer months. The work has been worth it and a varied program has been carried out in July.

The program was aimed at the children of the employees of the Cooperative Cuna de Platero - a long-standing and important producer of PPO Services AG - as well as children of the region with socially disadvantaged backgrounds. During three weeks various workshops and excursions were held around the subject of emotional intelligence.

The children dealt extensively with different feelings and emotions. Questions such as "What feelings do exist?", "How does someone feel who is sad?" or "Where can I get help when I am afraid?" were brought to the children while playing different games. The pictures show that in these three weeks positive emotions were in the forefront: satisfaction, happiness and joy.

To see these emotions in the faces of the children confirms PPO Foundation in supporting this project also in future. We are very thankful to all employees of the Cooperative Cuna de Platero who enabled this project.