Wayna Inti - the rising sun

It is a great pleasure for us that another project was supported by the PPO Foundation in 2017.

Matilda Agricola is a very important avocado supplier for the PPO Group. The company is located in the Andes, near the village of Cuzco (Peru). The company has been Fairtrade-certified for several years and is strongly committed to the local people.

In 1998, the construction of the education and student residence for the indigenous children of the Limatambo Andean region began. Wayna Inti's school concept is exceptional. In addition to the traditional school subjects, the children are also allowed to attend practical workshops which help them in their everyday life. The school language is Quechua, in order to preserve the children's culture. With the support of PPO, the teachers' wage costs could be covered for several months. PPO is proud of its cooperation with Agricola Matilda and is very grateful for their effort in the country of origin.