Aleh Negev - Nahatat Eran

Aleh Negev is a 25are property with various buildings, which originally had been founded to support and care mentally and physically disabled adolescents. Since then, Aleh Negev accommodates more than 200 people mostly adolescents and young adults. A particular school with tailor-made learning programs, a paramedical section, a water pool with hydrotherapy appliances as well as a variety of leisure activities are available to all residents.

In addition, Aleh Negev offers an external service to the whole region, to mentally or physically disabled children and adults who, however, live with their families. Therefore, approximately 12'000 children and adults can be looked after additionally.
During our first visit in Aleh Negev we had been very much impressed by the natural and simple, but still professional care of the residents. Aleh Negev is being supported by various companies and private persons as well as groups and the government. During our second visit, a playground for handicapped people was opened (developped, financed and installed by a group of engineers). The corporation with the Soroka Medical Centre in Beer Sheva has fourished and makes a professional medical care of the residents possible.
PPO Foundation could contribute a small amount to obtain special pillows, a lung cleansing apparatus as well as a passenger lift (to board the ambulance).

We are very happy and we know our financial support in good hands. We hope to help Aleh Negev further also in the future with meaningful investments.