ALEH’s network of facilities was established in 1982 by a group of parents, with the purpose of creating a warm home offering therapeutic and rehabilitative solutions for their children with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities and related complex medical conditions.

ALEH operates Five centers throughout Israel, providing cutting-edge services and rehabilitative care to over 450 babies, children, adolescents, and adults.
The centers - have the status of NPOs, offering professional services in the fields of medical and high-dependency care, paramedical treatment, rehabilitation, special education, vocational frameworks, and cultural activities.

ALEH is a national and world leader in the treatment, rehabilitation, and provision of quality of life to those with complex disabilities.
ALEH’s work is based on the belief that every individual has the right to actively participate in life, as appropriate to his or her age and abilities, and that society must enable such participation through combining uncompromising professionalism with love, warmth, and devotion.

Project Rational
In keeping with ALEH’s vision of providing the highest level of care for children with severe complex developmental disabilities, we see it as our responsibility to provide the best and most optimal physical conditions in all areas of activity, including personal hygiene.
Due to ALEH residents’ complex physical situations, the children must use the best suitable and adaptive equipment.
In order to enable the children to sleep continuously without interruption while ensuring their utmost safety, it is necessary to use equipment best suitable to their special needs, in this case, non-rust, wall-attached beds with comfortable safety bars for accident prevention.
The beds we use these days are very old, uncomfortable, and not safely adapted to modern regulations. We must replace them for the benefit of our dear children. After decades of intensive use, we have come to the conclusion that everything must be done in order to enable the children to sleep better and function better. This is our biggest organizational goal today.
The realization of this project is proof of our sensitivity to society’s most vulnerable members, those who are dependent on others for their most basic needs. Currently, we have an urgent need for 6 Beds.

Project cost
Donation Amount Requested We have an urgent need for 6 Beds.
Cost for 1 Bed: ILS 12,998 Cost for 6 Beds: ILS 77,988