Regulation for financial support of Projects by PPO Foundation

 1. The Foundation supports mainly Projects in production areas of Peragri Alliance Members.

 2. According to the defined regulations of PPO Foundations, it is foreseen to support regional schools, health related projects, development of infrastructures and self initiative of people or scholarship for example.

 3. A request for financial support to the Foundation must be accompanied by documents, like pictures, estimation of costs, plans, a.s.o. In addition to that the application form of PPO Foundation needs to be filled in as well.

 4. The Projects to be supported must be backed up and accompanied by local communities.

 5. PPO Foundation decides finally, whether a project is being supported, fully or partially, financially or with other means.

 6. Projects which are already being supported by other organisations might be partly completed by the Foundation to fill up possible financial gaps.

 7. Projects supported by PPO Foundation, must be clearly defined or documented as such.

 8. The Project management at site, authorises PPO Foundation to control the Project as well as to look up all documents of local supplies at any time.

 9. Documents, pictures, plans, a.s.o. must be put at disposition of PPO Foundation before and after completing the project.