ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Hospital
The Physiotherapy Hall: Equipment Project
(March 2022)

Hospital patients will receive treatment in two departments adjacent to their wards – a physiotherapy and an occupational therapy department.  The Department of Physiotherapy will offer cutting-edge physiotherapy treatments to patients.  It will house both a neurological and an orthopedic wing, to best serve patients with a range of disabilities.   

The department’s central facility is its therapy hall, a large area which can serve 10-15 patients simultaneously.  The hall will enable both group and private treatments.  
Physiotherapists will work with patients to improve motor skills, functional ability, and overall quality of life, through prognosis and physical treatments.  

Each hall is completely accessible and will contain essential physiotherapy equipment, enabling a wide range of exercises and treatments intended to improve patients’ abilities. These include: adjustable treatment beds, an adapted treadmill, ceiling and mobility hoists, standers, active and passive training machines, adjustable tables and chairs, a computer station, and more.   Each patient will have a personal rehabilitation plan, detailing the sequence of required exercises and activities.

We are so pleased to inform you that the Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center accepted its first patients in June 2022.  It was a major step in our efforts to transform rehabilitative healthcare in the Negev region for thousands of Negev residents, and we thank you for helping us reach this special moment!

Your generous donation enabled us to equip the physiotherapy treatment department with the following items:  
-    Mobility hoists – used to safely transport patients from area to area within the physiotherapy hall
-    Bobath treatment beds – specialized beds used during physiotherapy treatment, with supportive head position that may be lifted and lowered
-    Hydraulic Treadmill – used to practice walking and mobility skills, tracks mobility progress.

Thank you for partnering with us to equip the rehabilitation medical center with quality
physiotherapy equipment that will be used daily by our patients!