Sun in your heart

Ivory Coast has become an important source of fresh mangoes and we are proud to market Soleil d'Afrique's products under the Faitrade label in Switzerland. The production and packing house are located in Korhogo, in the north of the country. It is one of the poorest regions of Africa, poverty can be seen everywhere.

During our visit in 2017, we noticed that many women employed in the packing house had to take their children with them because they had no other solution. In cooperation with Soleil d'Afrique, construction of a children's home began in January 2018. This was equipped with sanitary facilities, kitchen, play and rest rooms and additionally two persons were employed, who will now look after these (and other) children during the season.

The finished nursery was opened in April 2018. Roberta and Daniel Buchmüller were allowed to be present at this touching moment.