Thanks to Music on a good way

A refuge for adolescents and young adults presents the nonprofit project “Hut HaMeshulash” in Jerusalem. It opens doors for young people who come from broken homes or homeless at all. This offer is used annually by about 800 young people. Their lives are often marked by alcohol, drugs, violence and crime. The goal of “Hut HaMeshulash” is to offer a safe place to affected people and to help them in the processing of their trauma. For this, a special program with music therapy was elaborated. The music is designed to help the 40 participants to develop their creativity and to strengthen their self-confidence. The course offer is extensive and includes, among others, music history, vocal development, jazz improvisation, instrumental and band lessons. The basic idea behind the “Hut HaMeshulash” project is shared by the PPO Foundation and in particular endorsed the music deal. Therefore, the PPO Foundation has funded for different musical instruments and technical infrastructure to set up modern music rooms for the participants.

For the year 2017 the offer will be expanded with photography courses. The PPO Foundation is pleased about the progress of the project and very motivated for a further cooperation.