New clinic opened in Letsitele for the benefit of the local population and agricultural workers with the support of the PPO Foundation!

After many years of preparation, the Hlokomela Clinic was opened on February 9, 2024, on the premises of the Mahela Group in Letsitele.
It will enable local farm workers, employees of the packing houses around Letsitele and their families to receive clinical care without having to endure long journeys and endless waiting times, as was previously the case.
The PPO Foundation, in close cooperation with the Mahela Group, has supported this construction from the beginning and will now take over a part of the operating costs in the long term to guarantee a sustainable operation.
The PPO Foundation is very proud to support the Vorster family in this project, thus expanding its presence in the region: the "Junction school - Let's share education" school, which the PPO Foundation has been supporting on a permanent basis since 2007, was the first social project that the Foundation tackled.